A unique type of paper

We choose Rolland Enviro stock for our planners. We reduce our environmental impact compared with the industry average for non-recycled papers by:


compared to the industry average for 100% recycled paper


Generated by the Rolland Eco-Calculator, for a quantity of 609,000 lb of paper 


The Forest Stewardship Council Certification supports responsible use of forest resources.



Chlorine-free process:
Certification from the Chlorine Free Product Association (CFPA); paper manufactured with no chlorine. Only applies to recycled fibre.


Certification from UL that identifies environmentally friendly products based on greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy resources consumption and use of recycled fibre. Rolland is the only 100% recycled fine paper manufacturer that is EcoLogo certified.



Post-consumer fibre:
Fibre recovered entirely from paper used by consumers through recycling programs. Does not include mill broke.


Biogas energy:
Paper manufactured using a gas produced from decomposing landfill waste. Biogas, a sustainable and local energy, is transported to the mill by pipeline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.