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Step 1 : The inside

Schools that order fewer than 750 agendas largely choose the multipurpose agenda. This type of interior includes an educational content notebook, all in colour.

Schools or school boards that order at least 750 agendas opt for the personalized agenda. All school calendar information and activities related to your community are indicated on the correct dates. The educational content is usually selected à la carte, but it’s also possible to add an education notebook of 16 or 24 pages, all in colour.

Step 2 : The cover

The cover can have a custom design made by the school or with the help of our graphics team. The design can also be chosen from available Laurentien covers, which is a more economical and manageable option for the project manager. All covers can be printed on thick laminated cardboard or plastic.

To get a price, it’s not necessary to have chosen or provided the cover design.

Step 3 : The quote

An approximate number of pages and the number of planners needed is enough to request a quote and reserve your place in the production logistics. This data can be modified as needed even after the contract has been signed.

For the environment

At Laurentien we print all our planners on Canadian made Rolland Enviro Schoolbook stock, the paper with the smallest environmental footprint in North America. This 100% recycled paper is FSC®certified, Processed Chlorine Free® and Ecologo-certified, and manufactured using biogas, a sustainable local energy source.

For your values

Opt for the Ecoplus planner without a spiral binding or vinyl pouch. This new product is a solution to reduce your school’s ecological footprint. Its manufacture requires less plastic and fewer transport steps, which means less carbon emissions.





“After having to unexpedidly take over the dossier of school agendas last year, I was very impressed on the process. Support answered my questions and followed up with me to ensure proper completion. Amazing service... Thank you.”

Centennial Regional High School, September 10, 2019