A unique service

Online access to your account and project and a team of experts for guidance

Our representatives are supported by project managers who are there to assist customers throughout the entire production process. We offer high-quality graphic design services by a team specialized in school projects.



Choose from a range of standard models with space set aside for your logo, or use your own personalized design.

Inside pages

Versatile inside pages, a simple, affordably priced project, or a custom design to simplify your students’ and staff members’ lives while creating a link to your promotional tools.

Added value

Insert personalized content, learning content and accessories that improve your planner for day-to-day use: vinyl pouch, plastic ruler, card-stock pages.

3 great reasons to opt for a personalized interior design:

Be sure you don’t miss a thing:
The planner lists all academic calendar information as well as community-related activities, on the right dates.

Share your values:
Used every day, several times a day, the planner is an ideal communications tool for talking about your school and highlighting the values of its community.

Pay only for what you want:
Picking and choosing your own content based on your school’s specific needs means you avoid superfluous or missing information.