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For more than 20 years, Laurentien has been a leading supplier of yearbook printing services to secondary schools as well as colleges and universities, both public and private.


A powerful, comprehensive Web app for managing and designing your yearbook. Take it from our users: it’s easy and intuitive—and “way cool,” even! Hours of fun for your yearbook committee!

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An economical method for customers who already have the resources to deliver us a print-ready file. We provide the committee with a comprehensive toolkit of page layout materials along with practical tips.


This is our turnkey service. Entrust the design and layout of your yearbook cover and interior pages to us.

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24 leather coverings, endless possibilities of customized laminated coverings, hot stamping, personnalization, burning effect, cut out, negative embossing, glued pictures on the cover, coverings combinations, bookmarks




A resource kit that includes:

  • A giant poster with ideas to kickstart and inform discussions
  • Demonstrators to see and touch
  • Task and management sheets to help the committee assign tasks and keep track of things
  • Prepaid envelopes and vouchers to facilitate submission of material




Choose the right package for your committee


Value +

Design tips and tools available online



  • All types of covers and cover options are available
  • Optional extras: slipcase, ribbon bookmarks, prom booklet, 3- or 4-page foldouts
  • Option of adding text and a color border to your end papers
  • Manage users, proofs, messages, and your contract online via the B platform
  • Access to the B platform for your yearbook layout
  • Training at your school by a representative
  • Design tips
  • Technical support with follow-up within 24 hours
  • Templates and layout graphics
  • Online tips and tricks to help you make the yearbook of your dreams
  • If applicable, sponsor page layout with numbering and file processing in 1-page, ½-page, ¼-page, and ¹/8-page sizes
  • Technical verification and an online proof to be approved before printing


Unity is Strength

Your cover is designed by a professional



  • A professional designer creates a cover drawing or layout that corresponds with the cover you have chosen
  • Access to a professional image bank
  • Optimized integration of chosen options (hot stamping, mix & match covers, debossing, etc.)


Unity is Strength +

A professional designer will create your cover and design elements for the inside layout


  • Design of customized page backgrounds to coordinate with the cover design
  • Recommendations on the color palette for the inside pages
  • Style sheets that coordinate with the cover for your texts on the inside pages
  • Five base templates that coordinate with the cover for inserting your texts and photos