Écoplus Passe-partout: 136 pages printed in colours

For grades 3 to 6

This type of student planner has 95% less plastic than the one your school currently uses. It has no plastic spiral binding, no vinyl pouch and no plastic cover.

Large weekly planner 8.5 X 11 in

Period covered:
August 23, 2021 to July 1st, 2022


  • Strong perfect binding (glued)
  • Personalized front and back covers printed on both sides in full-colour printed on laminated cardstock
  • No deadline for school pages to be sent, which should be available online
  • Including 23 resource pages

Your school will benefit by having 4 personalized full-colour pages: the front cover on both sides and the back cover on both sides.

Add your school’s address and logo to one of Laurentien’s cover designs or choose a personalized cover design. This could be followed by a consent form and a hyperlink or QR code that refers students to your website. Make your timetable and school calendar easy to consult by printing them on the inside and outside of the back cover.

Fiche d’identification

Le pluriel des noms et adjectifs

Le féminin des noms et adjectifs

Les homophones

La ponctuation

Les classes de mots

Le participe passé

Conjuguaison Avoir, être, aimer, finir

Conjuguaison aller, faire, dire, venir

Conjuguaison tenir, prendre, rendre, voir

Conjuguaison pouvoir, vouloir, savoir, mettre

Conjuguaison commencer, manger, devoir, partir

Conjuguaison ouvrir, acheter, appeler, céder

Conjuguaison employer et jeter

Table d’addition et de soustraction 1 à 12

Tables de multiplications et divisions de 1 à 12

Formes géométriques et mesures métriques

Irregular verbs - Pour le primaire


Le Canada et ses drapeaux (en couleur)

Le monde (2 pages)

Guide alimentaire canadien

Wind in the sails


School World

Suggested content for the back of the front cover (C2)