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Boogie Yearbook

The ultimate solution for designing your yearbook pages.

Yearbook committees appreciate our user-friendly web application for its simplicity and convenience. You can effortlessly complete the layout for your graduation write-ups and photos in just minutes! Additionally, gathering write-ups is as easy as ABC!

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Thematic Yearbook

For a Thematic Yearbook, all you have to do is select your desired theme, download the photos, write your texts and approve the yearbook before printing. No need for the school to create the page layout!

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Total Yearbook

The Total Yearbook offers a comprehensive package, which includes the services of a professional designer for the cover design, design elements for editing the inside pages, and complete yearbook editing. The committee only needs to provide the photos and texts.


Self-Made Yearbook

With a Self-Made Yearbook, you get the same complementary services and options available to all other yearbook types. Just send us your pages in a pdf file, and we'll take care of everything else.


FREE! 16 page
Signature Booklet

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Step by step instructions for creating your yearbook

Committees are never left to their own devices. This website presents the making of the yearbook in 11 structured steps and gives all the information necessary to get there. Ideas, advice, tutorials, PDF to print and frequently asked questions are there!

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“Even though we needed to adapt to a new application, we loved working with Laurentien. The creation of the pages went well; the delivery was fast the results were impeccable”

École de la Haute-Ville, 2021 yearbook

Convenient Starter Kit

As soon as the contract is signed, Laurentian sends the committee a starter kit. It includes a start-up guide, samples to help them choose a cover, and pre-paid envelopes and labels to make sending materials a breeze.

The Prom

For many years, Laurentien has been creating prom cards to help you promote this grandiose graduation party. Each card design is paired with images to download to help you promote your posts on social media and other outlets.

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Graphic Design Services

There are two packages available for committees wanting to work with a professional designer for the design of their yearbook. The latter will use the theme chosen by the committee to create a unique visual that reflects their school year.

Unity is Strength  - $295

Includes the services of a professional designer for designing your cover.

Unity is Strength PLUS  - $395

Includes the services of a professional designer for designing your cover and editing elements on the inside pages.

  • Customized page backgrounds to coordinate with the cover design
  • Recommendations on the colour palette and fonts for the inside pages
  • Five base templates that coordinate with the cover to insert your texts and photos

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