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The sections

In order to adjust the layout to the number of photos in your yearbook, different layout formats are available for each section. The following pages illustrate only one format to simplify the presentation of the website. An image of the page layout that will apply to your project will appear in the quotation request, depending on the information that you enter.


The school | The staff |The classes | The graduates | Life at school | Sponsors | End

The School

The first page of every yearbook is dedicated to presenting the school.

The staff

This section groups members of the administration, support staff, daycare staff and specialist teachers. Each group takes up 2 pages

The Classes

This section presents classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each class takes up 2 pages.

The Graduates

This section presents the classes of graduates. The first two pages are for the class teacher. The following pages are for the class students, who each have a space for a photo and write-up. There are three page layout formats for graduates, presenting 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 students over two pages.

Life at school

This is the fun section: a photo mosaic, a survey and review of the school year—everything that helps make perfect memories of the past year.


In this section, schools can present their sponsors in different formats: full-page, half-page, quarter-page and eighth of a page.


This is the last page of the yearbook.