Eco-friendly Student Planners

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At Laurentien, we print all our planners on Canadian-made Rolland Enviro Schoolbook stock, the paper with the smallest environmental footprint in North America.

This 100% recycled paper is FSC® certified, Processed Chlorine Free® and Ecologo-certified, and manufactured using biogas, a sustainable local energy source.


An approximate number of pages and the number of planners needed is enough to request a quote and reserve your place in the production logistics

This data can be modified as needed even after the contract has been signed.

School Boards and schools who have an enrollment of 750 students or more

Fully customized student planners are the most popular choice for School Boards and for schools who have an enrollment of 750 students or more. The students benefit by having a customized student planner designed specifically for their needs. The contents will be specific to the school by including the school calendar days and special events in the weekly page layouts.

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95% less plastic and less carbon emissions

Find out the Ecoplus Planner, it has 95% less plastic than the standard one. It has no plastic spiral binding, no vinyl pouch and no plastic cover. Its manufacture requires fewer transport steps, which means less carbon emissions. 

It is solid bound, called perfect binding, which has the great advantage of offering schools a personalized cover printed in full-colour on both sides at the front and at the back of the student planner. Ask for a sample to see the quality of this product.



Online Account

To improve the management of your planner or yearbook project, the Boogie web application is the ideal solution if you like to be autonomous and the most helpful if you prefer to be assisted by our experts in your project management.

According to a survey of 125 student planners clients this fall, 90% of them appreciated having access to an online account.


  • Gain access to your contract
  • Modify your order
  • Consult your personalized schedule
  • Send documents
  • Provide access to other managers to assist you in sending materials and confirming items
  • Access an interface for correcting and approving PDF drafts for your project before sending your personalized student planner to print

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Discovery Public School, October, 2020