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Compliance with Google’s privacy requirements

Accurately represents your app’s identity:

Boogie Yearbook, a Web application developed by Marquis Laurentien, helps students and school staff to create and design the pages of their yearbook which, once complete, will be printed and distributed to the school by Marquis Laurentien.

What will this app do with user data?

The app allows users to upload project-related images such as student and school staff portraits, photos of school events, and custom graphics. All data collected is used to populate the yearbook pages and will not be used for any other purpose by Laurentien.

How does this app improve the user experience?

This Web app simplifies yearbook page production for students and school staff. With Boogie Yearbook, people can work together as a team, see changes and new content instantly, and let their imagination run free to create fully customized pages.

Link to Privacy Policy:

See Boogie Photos' privacy policy.

Describe the content, context or connection to the app:

Boogie Yearbook is a web-based application used in elementary schools, high schools, CEGEPs, and universities across Canada. Users are the staff responsible for their school’s yearbook, as well as the students involved in carrying out the yearbook project. Each user has a secure account that provides access only to the yearbook project with which they are associated. Once connected, they use the application to select image files from various sources, like the local drive or their Google Drive account, and upload them to our server in order to insert the images into the yearbook pages. 

Google OAuth2 Limited Use Disclosure:

The Boogie Yearbook application requests the following restricted scope:

  • Google Drive API, read-only scope

The app’s use of information received from Google APIs adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


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