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For the environment

Laurentien is a division of Marquis, a company that puts the environment at the core of its activities. Sustainability is our commitment. 

For the local economy

Support the local economy by selecting a supplier that employs 600 people each year in Quebec and Ontario in addition to partnering with Canadian companies to manufacture its products. Laurentien offers products that are entirely designed and made in Canada.



“Laurentien's team: Don't give up, satisfied with your work. Schools: Don't hesitate to choose Laurentien, Ecoplus planner is so gorgeous and the people in their team is fantastic! :)”

Marguerite-Bourgeois, August 28, 2019

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According to a survey of 125 calendar clients this fall, 90% of our clients appreciate having access to an online account.

“I am very grateful that every time I have had a problem, the technical service has also offered excellent service. I know the first name of many of the customer service reps and I am so thankful that they are always so patient with me and my students!”

Richmond Regional High School, June 19, 2019