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Products 100% Canadian Made

Support the local economy by selecting a supplier that employs 600 people each year in Quebec and Ontario in addition to partnering with Canadian companies to manufacture its products. Laurentien offers products that are entirely designed and made in Canada.

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Good For The Earth

Laurentien is a division of Marquis, a company that puts the environment at the core of its activities. Sustainability is our commitment. 

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Online Account

To improve the management of your planner or yearbook project, the Boogie web application is the ideal solution if you like to be autonomous and the most helpful if you prefer to be assisted by our experts in your project management.

According to a survey of 125 student planners clients this fall, 90% of them appreciated having access to an online account.

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“Thank you for guiding me through the process and putting together such a quality product.”

Pierrefonds Community High School, October, 2020