"Boogie" is a Canadian web application created specifically to cater to your yearbook and student planner needs.

So, what exactly is Boogie?

Boogie is a platform offered by Laurentien, exclusively tailored for school yearbook and student planner projects. This platform is equipped with various applications, each serving different purposes..

Boogie Project

Manage users, contracts, project communications, and general features.

  • Secure web app with different access levels based on project roles
  • A dedicated section facilitates all interactions with our technical support team.
  • Gain access to your contract for easy reference or to request changes to your order.
  • Obtain user login statistics, including date, time, duration, and pages worked on.
  • Utilize the approval interface to review cover, end-pages, and interior page proofs before initiating printing.

Boogie Yearbook

Boogie Yearbook provides a user-friendly interface for creating beautifully designed yearbooks, featuring integrated photos and project-related texts.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Web-based access
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • No software or extension installation required
  • Wide selection of layouts and decorative elements
  • Portfolio of the best ideas from last year’s committees
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • Uploaded content and images update instantly
  • Predefined access levels for different users

Boogie Text

Collect, write, and edit writes-ups. Link portraits to the names and texts of individuals. Integrate this content into your yearbooks.

  • Online editing interface with secure login
  • Built-in spellcheck
  • Alphabetical text sorting
  • Access level for editing and proofreading
  • Recent versions of your write-ups are kept in one place to simplify editing
  • Writer access restricted after editing
  • Photos and write-ups are matched automatically
  • Write-ups and photos are inserted automatically
  • Write-ups can be added, deleted, or moved without having to redo the entire layout

All school yearbook and planner projects go through a secure online account associated with the school. The link to this account can be accessed through the main menu on the Laurentian website. Logging in requires a username and password associated with a project. These applications allow our customers to:

  • Centralize project information at Laurentien
  • Simplify communications between the school team and Laurentien
  • Create their yearbook pages online
  • Simplify the collection, editing, and integration of material

Access to the Boogie Yearbook and Boogie Text applications is through Boogie Project as well as buttons strategically located throughout the Laurentien.ca website. Users have access only to projects with which they are associated.

Data User Privacy

The security of our customers' data is of utmost importance. Our project data is hosted on servers in Canada throughout the design and manufacturing process. To find out more about data use in our applications, please consult the following pages:

Boogie Project

Boogie Yearbook

Boogie Text

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-875-3290 ext. 1.

Boogie was created in partnership with schools like yours.

Collaborating with you helps us improve daily. Our users serve as our best advocates! With our intuitive interface and abundance of user-friendly templates, student committees can craft their yearbooks with utmost ease. Our application is compatible with all browsers; no extensions or software installations are necessary.

Save oodles of time

Boogie Yearbook has hundreds of easy-to-customize templates, and many come with layout themes and cover designs.