A team with dedicated and creative people

Laurentien is a dedicated team whose members all take pride and pleasure in pushing the service-quality envelope: that means new design ideas, improved work tools for customers and internal management, discussion groups with customers, frequent supplier evaluations, and ongoing training.

From customer service staff to sales reps to graphics and production specialists, everyone works together to deliver solutions that are attractive, affordable and feasible.

Our history

Founded in 1971 by Jocelyn Tessier, Imprimerie Le Laurentien started out as a small family-run business in the Laurentien district of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a suburb of Quebec City. At the time, the company specialized exclusively in commercial printing.

Eventually, opportunities in school yearbook production and printing arose. Starting in 1994, the printer began offering increasingly sophisticated and customized solutions that simplified matters for yearbook committees: a catalogue of page layout ideas, step-by-step reference guides, a simple process for submitting materials, and original cover concepts.

A few years later, the company’s reputation for yearbook production resulted in new demand, this time for school planners. Gradually, in response to comments from customers, Laurentien further refined its product and grew to become the leading supplier of school planners in Quebec.

In 2012, Laurentien became part of the Marquis family, joining forces with more than 300 experts in the publishing field. Customers are now assured of the best-in-class solutions, in terms of price as well as the level of support provided for their projects, whether they involve yearbooks, planners or other bound documents.

Our promise

We rely on four guiding concepts in order to provide the best level of service possible:

Passion : Make completing projects enjoyable and encourage everyone to take part and get involved.
Simplicity : Provide sound advice, a professional design team and a Web application to manage and create projects.
Reassurance : Offer personalized follow-up and choose highly qualified partners.
Inspiration : Encourage young people, stimulate creativity 
and promote teamwork.