Supporting The Local Economy

The support for the local economy is a matter of concern for every citizen, worker, and entrepreneur. Laurentien operates as a division of Marquis Book Printing, which is Canada's largest book manufacturer with printing houses in Montmagny, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, and Louiseville, Quebec. Additionally, we have graphic production offices in Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and Montreal, along with a distribution warehouse in Georgetown, Ontario. Throughout the years, we have established strong partnerships with key stakeholders strategically located across the country. Our entire manufacturing process is 100% Canadian.

Protection of Privacy in Canada

A yearbook contains personal information, including graduation texts and photos paired with individuals' names, which serves as identifiable information. It is possible that the authorization form, signed by parents at the beginning of the school year, may be insufficient if the hosting and production of the yearbook take place outside of the country.

As stated on the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the sale of yearbooks to students may fall under the jurisdiction of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This federal law applies not only to schools but also to other organizations involved in non-essential commercial activities.

Although some provinces may have their variations of this Act, PIPEDA takes precedence as soon as the product's manufacture necessitates data exchange beyond Canada's borders. Rest assured, your personal information will not be transferred beyond the borders of Canada with Laurentien.

Your Personal Information Will Not Leave Canada's Borders

At Laurentien, all your data will be hosted on a server located in Canada. The yearbook's photos, texts, and pages are accessible through a secure web application that utilizes a secure transfer protocol (HTTPS), and they are protected by a unique access code assigned to each project for each user.

Every step of the manufacturing process, including file verification for printing, page printing, bookbinding, and transport, takes place in Quebec or Ontario, either by Marquis or a carefully selected Canadian subcontractor.

Furthermore, any personal information provided by our customers is securely destroyed a few months after the yearbook's delivery.