The thematic yearbook is super-easy to produce and so eye-catching

Students can now keep special memories of the time spent at your school, without adding to the workload of staff members, thanks to our theme-based yearbook. We offer a new process for designing and producing a high-quality yearbook, at a very competitive price, which doesn't require the school to do the page layout.

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1. Choose the theme

Each theme consists of a cover and inside pages divided into different sections: the school, classes, graduates, school life and sponsors. Simply select your sections and indicate the number of people to be presented in each one to know how many pages are required for your project.

2. Download the photos

In Boogie, our online application requires no software installation, you simply drag the photos and their corresponding names into the intuitive interface for the the theme chosen. If the photo is considered of poor quality, you will receive a message as soon as it is uploaded.

3. Write your texts

Boogie Text will help you write and correct texts about the school staff and graduates. This app makes this stage of the project so much easier.

  • Online editing interface with confidential login
  • Built-in spellcheck
  • Automatic text sorting by alphabetical order
  • The most recent versions of write-ups are kept in one place to simplify editing

4. Approve the page layout

As soon as you confirm that you have finished uploading photos and write-ups, a member of our technical team will make sure that everything is in the right place. The school will receive a PDF proof before the final printing.


Format: 8,5 X 11 in

Cover: Flexible and customized to fit the theme’s template or the layout provided by the school

Paper type: Gloss

Minimum number of pages: 32 pages; multiple of 2 for additional pages

Delivery: 6 weeks after uploading of your photos and write-ups are complete.