Catholic Junior Planner: 128 pages printed in full-colour

For grades 3 and 4

Medium weekly planner 7 X 8.5 in
OR Large weekly planner 8.5 X 11 in

Period covered:
From August 19, 2024 to June 27, 2025


  • Bilingual headings
  • Perforated page corners
  • Clear plastic back cover
  • Clear plastic spiral binding
  • Front cover printed on laminated cardstock or on plastic
  • Including 20 resource pages

Vinyl pouch available as an option.


* The colors of this model change according to the 4 seasons

Specialized Teachers – Student  Events

Student guide (elementary) 

Stand Up to Bullying 

Canada's food guide 

Learn to Trace 

Table Addition - Subtraction 0-12 

Table Multiplication - Division 0-12 

Numbers 0-100 Grid 

Game of Numbers 

Useful Information 

Music and Colours - Life on Earth 

Map of Canada 

World Map (2 pages) 

Provinces and Territories of Canada 

Solar System 

Caring for the Earth 

Biennal Calendar 

Phone Directory 

Timetable (10 days)  

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : avoir, être, aimer, finir 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : aller, faire, dire, venir 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : tenir, prendre, rendre, voir 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : pouvoir, vouloir, savoir, mettre 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : commencer, manger, devoir, partir 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : ouvrir, acheter, appeler, céder 

Conjugaison 2e - 3e cycle : employer, jeter 

Catholic - Shine!

Catholic - Peace

Catholic - Smile

Faith Kindergarten Planner, for kindergarten, grade 1 and 2