Covers for Laurentien Student Planners

All covers can be printed on thick laminated cardboard or plastic.

Two cover types

  1. Laurentien's Cover designs: The easy and economical choice.
  2. Personal cover design: Templates available for your personal cover design.

Laurentien's Cover Designs

The white rectangle is the space allotted for your school’s name, address and logo.


Reading Time

Rising Star


We Love Reading!

School of Fish




Taking Flight

I Love Nature!

That's Talent!

Knowledge is Power

Groovy Art


Mixed Tapes

United We Stand

Team Spirit


Northern Lights

Virtual Future

Canadian Landscape

Great Ideas



Personal cover design

For a professional look, most schools who have this type of interior choose to match the design with that of the cover. The images with numbers can be replaced with photos supplied by the school.


CPAG 2301

CPAG 2302

CPAG 2303

CPAG 2304

CPAG 2305

CPAG 2306

CPAG 2307

CPAG 2308

CPAG 2309

CPAG 2310

CPAG 2311

CPAG 2312

CPAG 2313

CPAG 2314

CPAG 2315

CPAG 2316

CPAG 2317

CPAG 2318

CPAG 2319

CPAG 2320

CPAG 2321

CPAG 2322

CPAG 2323

CPAG 2324

CPAG 2325

CPAG 2326

CPAG 2327

CPAG 2328