Resource pages for the English Student Planners

You can choose any of these resource pages to be included in your personalized student planner or added with any multipurpose student planner.


Pages Included

The name of student planners which including a page will appear under the picture on each page below. You can also download the demo or see Included Pages section of the student planner that you have an interest for: 

Please refer to the respective pages of each planner to know which resource pages are included.

Parts of speech - Spelling Rules
Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

Writing an essay - Homonym  - Punctuation
Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

English Language Arts - Writing An Essay
Available in Small weekly format only

Irregular verbs
Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate, High School

Learn to trace

French Past Participles

French verbs avoir, être, aller, faire

French verbs vouloir, pouvoir, venir, prendre


Trilinguism English - Spanish - French

Numbers 1-100 grid

Game of numbers

Addition - Subtraction 1-12 
Primary, Junior, Junior-Intermediate

Multiplication - Division 1-12
Primary, Junior, Junior-Intermediate

Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

Conversion Table - Multiplication

Conversion Table for Units of Measure
Available in Small weekly format only.

Symbols - Multiplication Table
Available in Small weekly format only.

Geometry (Elementary)
Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

Geometry (High School)

Algebra - Trigonometry

Solar system
All multipurpose diary templates in English

Periodic Table

Map of Canada
All multipurpose diary templates in English

World Map (2 pages)
All multipurpose diary templates in English

Provinces and Territories of Canada

Map of America

Map of Alberta

Map of British Columbia

Map of Manitoba

Map of New Brunswick

Map of Newfoundland and Labrador

Map of Nova Scotia

Map of Ontario

Map of Prince Edward Island

Map of Saskatchewan

Map of Territories

Map of Quebec

Canadian Politics and Flags of the Provinces
All multipurpose diary templates in English

History for Elementary and Middle School

Student guide (Elementary)
Junior, Primary

Student guide (Intermediate) (2 pages)
Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

Student guide (HighSchool) (3 pages)
High School

Anti-Bullying resources
Primary, Junior, Junior Intermediate, High School

Canada's food guide
All multipurpose diary templates in English

Music and Colours - Life on Earth
Primary, Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate

Caring for the Earth
All multipurpose diary templates in English exept High School

Developing Good Character - Introduction

Developing Good Character - Self-discipline

Developing Good Character - Responsability

Developing Good Character - Respect

Developing Good Character - Fairness

Developing Good Character - Trustworthiness

Developing Good Character - Honesty

Developing Good Character - Caring

Academic results

Achievement Records

Record of Community Service

Reading Log


Biennial Calendar
All multipurpose diary templates in English.

Triennial Calendar

Dates to remember

Statutory Holidays in Canada

Assignment Planning

Studying and assignments

Written Assignments

Ecoplus personal information page
For Ecoplus models only.

Personal Information page

Personal Information page with photo

Useful Information
Primary, Junior

Specialized Teachers - Student Events
All multipurpose diary templates in English

Timetable 9 days
All multipurpose diary templates in English

Timetable 10 days

Phone directory

Parent-teacher communication

Hallway Passport


Absences and Tardy

Bibliography APA

Bibliography MLA

Student commitment

Ecofriendly planner