Covers for Laurentien Student Planners

All covers can be printed on thick laminated cardboard or plastic.

Two cover types

  1. Laurentien's Cover designs: The easy and economical choice.
  2. Personal cover design: Templates available for your personal cover design.

Laurentien's Cover Designs

The white rectangle is the space allotted for your school’s name, address and logo.

Path of Discovery


My School


Bee's World

Wild Doodling

The Grasshopper and the Ant

School Path


Excursion Towards Success

Guardian of Nature

Literary Universe

Wave of Inspiration

Back to School

Magic City of Books

Tree of Knowledge

School Circle

Journey of Values

Picture This!

Proudly Canadian



Ecological Footprint



Personal cover design

For a professional look, most schools who have this type of interior choose to match the design with that of the cover. The images with numbers can be replaced with photos supplied by the school.


CPAG 2201

CPAG 2202

CPAG 2203

CPAG 2204

CPAG 2205

CPAG 2206

CPAG 2207

CPAG 2208

CPAG 2209

CPAG 2210

CPAG 2211

CPAG 2212

CPAG 2213

CPAG 2214

CPAG 2215

CPAG 2216

CPAG 2217

CPAG 2218

CPAG 2219

CPAG 2220

CPAG 2221

CPAG 2222

CPAG 2223

CPAG 2224

CPAG 2225

CPAG 2226

CPAG 2227

CPAG 2228