Covers for Laurentien Student Planners

All covers can be printed on thick laminated card stock or plastic.


Laurentien Cover Designs

The white rectangle is the space allotted for your school’s name, address and logo.


Natural Ressources

Studious Cat

At the Blackboard!

Wisdom of the Red Panda

Field Trip

School Supplies


Fruits of Our Labour

Ready for Class

Back to School


Green Planet


School Sports


Sustainable Energy


Stamp Collection

Meeting Spot



Raise the Bar

Catholic Covers

Catholic - Noah's Ark

Catholic - Serenity

Catholic - Bible Study

Catholic - Shine!

Catholic - Peace

Catholic - Smile

Catholic - Building Together

Catholic - Knowledge

Catholic - Values

Catholic - Faith, Hope, Love

Catholic - Courage

Catholic - School Life

Catholic - Journey

Catholic - Faith Opens Doors

Catholic - Keep the Faith

Personal cover design

For a professional look, most schools who have this type of interior choose to match the design with that of the cover. The images with numbers can be replaced with photos supplied by the school.

CPAG 2401

CPAG 2402

CPAG 2403

CPAG 2405

CPAG 2411

CPAG 2412

CPAG 2414

CPAG 2416

CPAG 2418

CPAG 2423

CPAG 2425

CPAG 2426

CPAG 2429

CPAG 2431

CPAG 2432

CPAG 2433

CPAG 2434

CPAG 2435

CPAG 2436

CPAG 2437

CPAG 2438

CPAG 2439

CPAG 2440

CPAG 2441

CPAG 2442

CPAG 2443

CPAG 2444

CPAG 2445