Personalized inside pages

The school must provide, in PDF format, the content that is exclusive to their school. This includes the following: 

Before sending your documents, we recommend that you check that they are compliant by consulting the Technical Specifications page.

In order to appropriately incorporate each element in the planner layout, our graphic design team requires clear instructions. These instructions are to be provided in your Boogie account.

We will share the final PDF proof of your planner within 10 business days of receiving all of your material. You will receive a notification that your proof is available for proof.

To provide your instructions

  1. Log in to your Boogie account.
  2. Make sure you select the correct project.

  3. Click on the Design and editing tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Editing of inside pages section and complete the form.

  5. Scroll down to the Other part section and complete the form.

  6. When, and only when, you have entered all your instructions, click on the Send Information to Laurentien button.


It is possible to enter some of the information, save it, and come back to it later.


Enhance your student planner with Laurentien's resource pages!


These pages will be printed in the same colour as the inside of the student planner.  


Click here to see all pages available.

4-page colour booklet

Available in French only as an option for 8.5 X 11 student planners only. The booklet includes the world map, the Canadian flags and the periodic table.




Your planners will be produced during the summer


Unless you have requested an early delivery in June, planners will be produced during the summer time.

We might send you the final proof or need to reach you regarding production during the summer holiday. For this reason, we require your cell phone number and/or home number and your personal email address.

If you are not available during that period, please provide contact information for the individual who will be in charge of the project.