What are Boogie Texts?

It is an app that allows you to create a topic for each person who should appear in the yearbook. A topic is where you can consolidate information, one or more pictures and a text. Here's what you can include:

  • First and last name
  • Main picture (student portrait)
  • Grad quote
  • Baby picture
  • Birth date
  • Favourite saying
  • Picture of a passion


  • Gather all information in one place
  • Have only one version of each text, the last version
  • Automatically link pictures to texts
  • Restrict access to texts once they have been revised
  • Automatically transfer texts and student names under the right picture into pages of the album
  • For late arrivals or departures during the school year, it is possible to add, delete or move around topics inside the pages without having to repeat the automatic layout process

Yearbook committees who use Boogie Text for their graduates, other students and staff save a ton of time!

How does it work?

The template you select for a particular section in Boogie Yearbook is associated with a specific type of topic in Boogie Text. This ensures that the correct information automatically appears in the appropriate place.

For pages that contain only the photo and the individual's name, all you need to do is link the photo with the name. This process is explained in Step 7.



Writing and proofreading

Once the Configuration tab (in Boogie Texts) is completed with the specifications of your template, create a username and password for the Reviewer account and the Public User account.

Prior to sending the guidelines to the writers, we recommend that you consult with the proofreader to:

   Assess the required time for proofreading

  Determine the deadline for receiving a copy of the text from students

The procedure to create a public account is available on the Adding Boogie Users page.

PDF To Print

 Writer's guide     



Supervisor's Guide