Submit Completed Pages

Once the editing is complete and the section has been reviewed and organized, you need to send us all the pages so we can proceed with the technical verification.

Once the pages have been sent, please be aware that further editing will not be possible. Fees will be applied for any changes made to the pages after submitting.

Six Important Things to Check Before Submitting Your Pages

 Verify that all content is complete. It's crucial to ensure that this version is final and ready for printing.

 Confirm the use of appropriate vocabulary for the school.

 Appropriate photos are used for the school.

 Double-check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

 Ensure that the margins have been respected.

 Confirm the inclusion of all graduates.

Submit Pages

Only individuals with supervisor access can view and use the lock button to lock pages and the arrow to send them.

  1. Click on the gray area of the section to select all of its pages.
  2. Click on the "Send" button.
  3. Read the message on the screen carefully. If your pages contain poor quality photos, they will be identified in this message. 
    To replace bad quality photos you must cancel the sending, make corrections and restart the sending of the pages concerned.
  4. Check "I accept these conditions" box.