Automatic Layout Function

To ensure the proper functioning of the automatic layout feature, individuals to be included in the yearbook must have their dedicated section/Topic in Boogie Text. There are generally four possible options for such a topic:

  • Picture with the individual’s name only. This applies to teachers or students without a write-up.
  • Picture with the individual’s name and write-up. This is the case for a graduate.
  • Individual’s name only – meant for individuals who haven't had their photo taken and haven't provided a write-up.
  • Individual’s name and write-up – intended for graduates who haven't had their photo taken.

Please ensure the accuracy of these options when preparing content for the yearbook.

4 Things to Check Before You Get Started:

  Ensure that the Section template has been approved by Laurentien and is ready to accommodate topics.

  Confirm that all topics have been written and meticulously proofread.

  Verify that pictures are appropriately linked to their respective topics.

  Double-check that individuals without text and/or photos have topics associated with their names.

Importing Topics

To import topics:

  1. Navigate to the Topics menu and choose "Import Topics."
  2. Define the section's location by indicating the first and last pages. If you make a mistake, don't worry; the page count will adjust automatically.
  3. Pick the templates from your "My Templates" section.
  4. Select the topics you wish to insert. To select all topics, click "Select All."
  5. Decide on the desired name format: alphabetical order, first name, or last name.

  6. Click "OK."


Even if you have checked the topics beforehand, we recommend checking them again. Once the layout has been created, make sure that all items are included.