Here are the frequently asked questions about our yearbooks. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you don't find the answers you're looking for.

How to change a password

You can reset your password through two methods.


Initially, during the login process, if an incorrect password is entered, a red link labeled "Forgotten password?" will be displayed. Simply click on this link to receive a new password via email.*

*IMPORTANT: Your Boogie account needs to be linked with an email address for this process to function. If this is not the case, please refer to the second procedure.

Second, if you cannot change the password at login, ask the project Supervisor. The change can be made via the Client account, in the Users section by clicking on Edit.

Contract, Delivery, Billing

What are the timelines to submit my yearbook content?

Three submission timelines have been set according to your final delivery date:


1. Cover and end pages

2. Completion and submission of the graduate section

3. Sending of all remaining pages


The exact dates are listed in the "Yearbook" tab in your Boogie account and on page 2 of your contract.

How can I change the number of yearbooks I want to order?

From the Project tab in your Boogie account, by messaging us, sending us an email or by phone

1. Project tab in your Boogie account

• Enter data in the appropriate fields
• Click on submit modifications
• Wait for an email confirmation that a new contract is online (inside 24h following your request)

2. Email

You can send us requests to modify the contract through the Boogie messaging system or by email at

3. Phone

You can reach the team of project managers directly by calling the following phone number: 1 888 875-3290 ext. 1.

Will I have to postpone my final delivery date if my deadlines are not met?

There is a possibility that your final delivery date may experience delays if the submission of your materials, are submitted past the due date. Getting in touch with our customer service at 1-888-875-3290 ext. 1 to report any issues is of the utmost importance. This will enable us to collaborate with your committee and come to a suitable resolution.

How can I order additional yearbooks after the final delivery is made?

If applicable, the remaining number of yearbooks will be communicated to you in the delivery confirmation message. You can also contact the project management team at 1-888-875-3290 ext. 1 to inquire about the availability of additional yearbooks. Kindly allow us 24 hours to confirm the order and the delivery date.

Why doesn't my first invoice reflect the amount in my contract?

The initial invoice is generated upon the signing of the first contract. If changes were made afterwards, these adjustments will be considered when preparing the final invoice. Your initial payment will deducted from the total amount of the final invoice.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my invoice?

Isabelle Roy from the accounting department will be pleased to answer your questions :

Isabelle Roy
(418) 241-1760, ext. 3242
1-800-363-2468, ext. 3242


How can I send files?

If applicable, you can send paper documents by using the envelopes provided in your Starter Kit. Additionally,

  • If you are located outside the Quebec City area, use the prepaid Dicom waybills within the Starter Kit.
  •  For those within the Quebec City area, please dial 418-872-3290 ext. 1, and we will arrange for a local carrier to pick-up your materials.

The digital photos to be used in the yearbook must be uploaded directly into the Boogie application, through My pictures located on the left.

*We highly recommend selecting your photos prior to uploading. This not only maximizes the display speed of your yearbook but also ensures smoother and faster editing of your layout.

*Please note that there is a maximum upload limit of 400 MB for pictures at a time. If your pictures carry substantial file sizes due to high resolution, we suggest uploading only 40 to 50 pictures per session. Continue this process until all your photos are securely uploaded.


You can send us your files via the following  methods:

  • Through our Boogie messaging system, simply connect to your account and click on the “Messages” tab.
  • Via email to;
  •  For larger files, you can use our FTP site (we will provide you with access codes) or send them through WeTransfer.

What photo format should be used for the cover sheets?

The image size must be 11.25 x 17.25 in at a resolution of 300 dpi or 5,175 X 3,375 pixels.

Boogie Writer App

How do I create a text field (graduate text)?

There are two ways to create a text field:

  1. You can add them manually, one by one.
  2. Fields can be generated automatically from your photo directory. Ensure each picture is named accurately, spelling out the graduate's first and last name. These names will be imported into the 'Grad' section.

For the complete procedure, click here.

How do I edit a text field (graduate text)?

Select the topic you wish to edit in the drop-down menu, and then click on "Rename"

How do I delete a field or multiple fields?

You must click on the "Explorer" menu, then click on the name of the person to be deleted and then click on the red "Delete" button. To delete several names at a time, you must hold the CTRL key while selecting names with your mouse.

It is also possible to directly delete a topic when in the topic itself.


How do I change the maximum number of characters per field?

You must click on the "Configuration" menu, click on the pencil button, then change the number in the "Maximum number of characters" box.



How do I link my text with my photos?

Once your graduation photos have been uploaded to your album and all your fields have been created, you need to link them together in order to set up your graduation section.

For the complete procedure, click here.

I have duplicated fields. How do I check which ones contain text?

Go from one topic to the other, checking if text has been added or not. Click on the "Delete" button to delete a topic that has been created by mistake.

*This function is only available to Supervisor and Reviewer accounts.



Is it normal that my photos look blurred in Boogie Yearbook and Boogie Text?

Absolutely. The photos you import into your yearbook maintain the same quality as the original files. However, the pictures you observe are displayed as "thumbnails," which are low-resolution versions of the photos. This allows you to view them quickly and easily. You can assess the quality of your photos using the "traffic light" icon located in the toolbar at the top. If all the photos display a "green" status, it indicates that they are of high quality and will result in a satisfactory printout.

The Graduate Section

How do I set up the graduate section?

Once your 2-page graduate template is completed by your committee and saved in the "Templates" section, you should contact the Project Management Department via email through your Boogie account in the "Messages" section. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-888-875-3290 ext. 1. Our team will ensure the verification of your photos and template before proceeding with the text and picture association.

Afterwards, you will have the option to either edit your graduate section by yourself or request our team to do it, based on your preference.

At this stage, it is crucial to ensure that no graduate student is missing from your pictures and text fields, and that everything has been double-checked.

For the complete procedure, click here.

My graduate section is already edited. How do I add/remove a graduate?

In Boogie text, you need to delete the field to be removed or create a new field.

Afterward, our team can assist with reorganizing the fields, or if you prefer, you can handle it yourself.

For the complete procedure, please click here.

* It's important that you do not alter the format of the text boxes or the alignment before proceeding with the automatic reorganization of the fields.

I followed all the steps to automatically edit my section, but it isn't working. Why not?

The problem may be the graduate template. If you have not had your template checked by our team, you can contact customer service now to do so.

During the automatic editing of my section, some fields were not imported. Why not?

The number of pages must correspond to the number of graduates to be imported. If pages are missing, the last graduates will not be imported. You must add the required pages to your graduate section.

I've finished editing my graduate section. What should I do next?

Once the editing is complete and the section has been reviewed and organized, you need to send us all the grad pages so we can proceed with the technical verification.

For the complete procedure, please click here.

*Only someone with a Supervisor account can see and use the padlock to lock/unlock pages. They are also the only ones who can send finalized pages for printing.

*After a page has been sent, any request for a change or correction on that page will incur a fee of 85$/hour (minimum of 42,50$) to your final invoice.


Boogie Yearbook App

How do I import photos into my yearbook?

Once your yearbook is open, click on "My Pictures" in the menu on the left. Next, click on the "+" symbol located to the right of "My Pictures." You can now select the category in which you'd like to organize your photos or create a new one. Finally, click on the "Browse" button to choose the photos you wish to download.

*You can also download images by going to the «text and photos» tab, and then clicking on the Boogie Photo app.


* * Please note that the maximum file size to download is no more than 400 MB at a time and the system supports only .jpg, .png, .tif and .heic files.

How do I move pages or sections?

Select the pages to be moved. To select multiple pages, hold down the "Shift" key and click on the pages. Then, slide them to the desired location. A black vertical bar will appear to indicate where to release the pages.

How do I delete or add pages?

From the Project tab of your Boogie account, in the Contract data section, enter the changes in the appropriate places and click on the Submit changes button. Within 24 hours following your change request, you will receive a notification message for the signature of the new contract.

You can also send your request in writing from the Messages tab of your Boogie account.

*NB: The number of pages to be added or deleted must be a multiple of 8.

How do I delete a section?

By moving all the pages from one section to another, the empty one will disappear.

If you wish to delete pages permanently in order to have fewer pages in the album, the project manager must request a contract modification.

Why is there a grey line inside all of the pages?

The grey line is a margin to be used as a guide during the editing. It will not be visible when the pages are printed.

The texts and photos should not cross over the margin.

If the texts and photos are too close to the page border (determined by a black line), they might be cut off or lost in the binding.

It is still possible to add elements outside the grey margin, when those elements are meant to be cut off. For example, the background. Photos or shapes can also be outside the margin depending if the intent is to cut them off.



Is it possible to retrieve pages / items / photos from last year?

Of course! Contact customer service and let them know what you need and our team will be able to retrieve it for you.

How do I crop or move an image in its frame?

You have to double-click on the picture or image. When the frame is red, it can be resized using the squares or rotated using the circle at the top.

How do I reproduce elements of one page on another?

The "Selection Box" tool allows you to select some or all of the elements on the page with a single click and then click on "Edit" to copy and paste the elements into another page.

How can I tell if my photos are of optimum resolution?

Click on the traffic light in the top toolbar when you click on one of the pages.

Green light: good quality

Yellow light: fair quality

Red light: poor quality. Think about replacing the photo or making it smaller or it will be blurred in print.

How do I unlock pages?

Only the person in charge of the album can lock or unlock pages as needed. This can be done by clicking on the page(s) in question and then clicking on the padlock in the top toolbar.

My album is finished. What should I do next?

The next step is to send us all of your pages by selecting them and clicking “Send” in the upper menu.

We will then be notified that your pages have been sent and will proceed with a last verification before publishing a final proof.

Click here to see a list of things to look out for before sending your pages, and to learn more about the verification process.

Careful! Only pages that are complete and corrected, including all pictures and text, should be sent.

*After a page has been sent, any request for a change or correction on that page will incur a fee of 85$/hour (minimum of 42,50$) to your final invoice.



Will I receive a final proof before printing?

You will receive a complete PDF proof which will be published on our Boogie website (Proofs tab).

Where can I view my proofs?

Via the Proofs tab of your Boogie account.

How can I see the latest version of my proof?

Once you’ve selected the proof (red link), you’ll see a table with the different versions above the visual of the proof. The Current version is the most recent one.

How do I print my proof?

Click on your proof to enlarge it, and then click on the “Download” icon in the top right-hand corner. You can then save a copy in PDF format and print it or simply click on the "Print" icon to send directly to printer.

How can I request corrections to my proof?

Only the project manager can enter corrections. This is done via the Proofs tab of your Boogie account:

  • Select Add a correction.
  • Enter the page number, the item to be corrected, and the correction details.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat these steps for each correction requested.
  • When you’ve finished entering all the corrections, click on Report corrections so that our team can receive the requests.

Is there a charge for adding corrections to a proof?

The final proof is to show you the visual before printing. If there are corrections requested, a fee of $85/hour with a minimum of 30 minutes ($42.50) applies. If the corrections are due to an error on our part, the fees do not apply.

How do I approve a proof?

Click here to see the complete procedure.