Adding Users to Boogie

Each member of the yearbook committee gets a unique access code. This ensures easy management of who can access what. You can add as many users as needed for a single project.


The highest level of access, Supervisors have complete control. They can create users, manage access levels, initiate new projects, request pricing, edit the current contract, confirm final pages for production, and update general account information.


This access level is for all committee members. Students can access yearbook pages, send and receive messages, view printer proofs, and check the calendar. However, they can't make changes to grad write-ups.

Public Account

Public Account: This is where the yearbook instructor will create an account for the students so they will have access to the tools in our Text, Photo or Text/Photo apps.

Access to the Text app: With this access, students can write their grad text(s). The students will be able to see and correct only the texts that they have written themselves. The other texts will be in a muted grey colour.

Access to Boogie Photos: The yearbook committee, teachers, parents or other students (who are not on the yearbook committee) can upload photos to this platform. The photos will be reviewed by the yearbook committee members and it is their decision if they want to include these photos. The accepted photos will automatically be uploaded to the Boogie Yearbook app in “My Pictures”.


Designed for proofreading, this account also grants you access to files. Reviewers can view any copy added by the editorial staff without needing an author's password. Reviewers can view, edit, lock, print texts, and categorize them. Once a text is locked, no further changes can be made by a Public account user.

Adding a New User

Log into your Boogie account, then click on the Client Account tab and scroll down to the User section. Fill out all the fields for the new user and select the appropriate access level. Make sure the account is associated to the right project.



To create your Public Account, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Client account tab  and scroll to the bottom section where you will see Users and Create public account
  • Click on Create public account
  • Fill out all the fields (use your email address)
  • In the User access rights field, choose which application this account will have access to
  • Click OK

Once the public account has been created, you can then give the username and password to the appropriate people. It is possible that you will need to create several Public accounts. For example : your yearbook committee may require access to both the Text and Photo apps where as a parent, teacher or a student who is not on the committee will have access only to the Photo app.

Each person, to whom you have given the username and password for a Public account, will need to enter a new username and password along with their email address. This way the yearbook instructor will see who has uploaded photos or text.



Depending on the kind of access given to you by the yearbook instructor, you will have access to write your grad text and/or upload photos. You can do this in 2 differents applications.

Here are the steps to create your personal account:

  • Go to and click on the LOG IN tab. Enter the username and password assigned to you by the yearbook instructor.

  • Create your personal account with a new username and password.
    IMPORTANT! The email address that you indicate can only be used once and must be valid. Your account is activated via the activation email received at this address.
  • Once your account has been created and activated, you can now use your personal username and password to access the platform assigned to you.