Cover Design

The cover gives the first impression of your yearbook. For it to be successful, it must reflect your personality and visually support the theme and style you've chosen. Get inspired by other schools with our cover portfolio, our suggestions for thematic covers, your favourite websites, your everyday activities and the words that best describe you.



What do we want people to feel when they get their yearbooks?
Nostalgia | Fun | Pride | A sense of belonging


What kind of style will the yearbook have?
Classic | Contemporary |


Is there a way to create a link between the cover and the end papers?
Add an anecdote | Add a thought or a saying to the group picture | Mosaic


Types of Covers

Personalized Cover

This is the most popular, ecological and affordable type of cover. The full-colour visual concept is unique because it's completely customized. You can add illustrations, photos or even a Photoshop montage. Add selective varnish and/or hot stamping (see description below), and you've got a winning combination!

  A 100% Canadian choice.



With a personalized cover, it's possible to add students' names to the spine of the album AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Names will be printed in the colour of your choice (hot stamping, debossing and burned effect options are not available).


Leather Cover

Deluxe leather (thicker) and standard leather are classic choices. See your starter kit box for all available leathers options.

No animal will suffer if you choose leather, because we use synthetic leather!



Mix-and-match Cover

You may combine two different leathers or make a customized leather cover in one of the following five ways :

                           A                                                      B                                                    C


                           D                                                     E

Please note : For best results, avoid combining two deluxe leather options. The placement of combined leathers is not editable.

The Options

Spot UV

This printing process adds shine and texture to the visual elements to be highlighted. It involves applying a translucent varnish over the printed cover, bringing out the colour of the elements on which it used. This option is not available for leather covers. In the example below, the bluish shapes are the areas where the spot UV will be applied.

See your starter kit for an actual example of spot UV.


   Spot UV is shown in blue

Hot Stamping

This process involves applying a coloured aluminum foil to text or decorative details. Because foiling makes such a striking impact, it should be used sparingly. We offer 8 different colours of foil that can be matched to your personalized cover concept or applied to a leather overlay. In the example below, gold foil has been applied to the bird's feathers and text.

See your starter kit for the 8 colours offered.

   Hot stamping is shown in magenta

See More Models


Die Cut

If you want to impress your audience, opt for die cutting, a new process which involves cutting a pre-designed shape through the cover. When the yearbook is closed, the flysheet can be seen through the opening in the cover. We can help you adapt your concept to fit the three models below.

Model 1C Base Template

Inspired by the "Vision" Thematic Cover


Inspired by the "Our Journey" Thematic Cover.Inspired by the "Playlist" Thematic Cover.

Model 3H Base Template

Inspired by the "Hollywood" Thematic Cover


Inspired by the "Fusion" Thematic CoverInspired by the "We graduate" Thematic Cover

Model 3V

Base TemplateInspired by the "Netflix" Thematic Cover


Inspired by the "Black and White" Thematic CoverInspired by the "Graduates" Thematic Cover

We offer Graphic Design Services

We can offer you the services of a professional graphic designer for your cover | Customized page backgrounds to coordinate with the cover design | Recommendations on the colour palette and fonts for the inside pages | Five base templates that coordinate with the cover to insert your copy and photos | Starting at $295

Burned Effect

This classic process is available with certain leathers and involves heating the leather to darken it in places. See your starter kit for an actual example, and check the label on the back of the leather samples to see which ones can be used to achieve the burned effect.



Recommended only for deluxe leathers, debossing gives a chic, discreet effect. It gives your cover texture. See your starter kit for an actual example.


Glued Individual Photo

Adorn the cover of your yearbook with a beautiful photo of the class, the school or individual students. The photo can be the same or different for each yearbook. Debossing is included.


Ribbon Bookmark

See your starter kit for the 4 colours offered.


The student's name is stamped at the bottom of the cover.



Sending Your Cover Information

Items to be Stamped, Burned, Debossed, or Cut Out

To get started, provide the items you want stamped, burned, debossed, or cut out in BLACK on a white sheet of paper or in a digital file.

Cover Sketch

Show us where you want each element and text to be placed on your cover.

PDF to Print 

 Cover sketch 


Customized Cover Visuals

You can use any visual medium, including Photoshop or Illustrator. Check the technical specifications before creating your cover.

Information and Files

To send us the files for your cover, simply fill out the information in the “Design and Editing” tab in your Boogie account:

  • Sketch (see PDF to Print above)
  • Final Drawings
  • List of names for the back cover

The yearbook instructor can fill out the Cover section in the “Design and Editing” tab then click on "Send information to Laurentien." A new proof will be provided within a weeks time.

If you would like to add options that are not included in your contract, please let us know and we will provide you with a new quote. Once we receive the signed contract, we will prepare the cover proof for your approval.

Personalization List

If you're adding student names to the cover, create a list in Excel or Word and paste it into Boogie (Design and Editing tab).

Important: The order of students' first and last names will be based on the list we receive.



We hope this information helps you create the perfect yearbook cover for your school!