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Getting started on your yearbook

We provide about two hours of free training to all clients. We adapt the session to your committee’s specific needs. To request training and reserve your time, make an appointment as soon as possible.

6 things you can do right now to get your yearbook off the ground:

  1. Get a list of all the people who should appear in your yearbook.
  2. Give the technical specs to your photographers.
  3. Know your timeline schedule.
  4. Create a Boogie user for each member of the committee, ideally before the training session with your advisor.
  5. To be more effective and have more fun, know your team so that each person gets the right job.
  6. Learn how to create your yearbook in 10 steps.

Starter kit

Your yearbook starter kit includes:

  • Ideas to toss around
  • Samples to see and touch
  • Tools to help you assign tasks
  • Envelopes and prepaid forms to make shipping easier, if needed

Have fun!
The Laurentien Team


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Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes's Yearbook

Know Thy Team

It's important to find the right job for each person—you’ll have more fun and be more effective. It will also make things go faster and leave you more time to showcase all your great ideas!


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