Design The Cover


What do we want people to feel when they get their yearbooks?
Nostalgia | Fun | Pride | A sense of belonging


What kind of style will the yearbook have?
Classic | Contemporary |


What cover type are we looking for?
Leather is the traditional choice - the texture adds and air of distinction | A customized cover opens the door to a world of creative colours and visual effects


Are there special printing effects that might give the concept a boost?
Hot stamping | Burn effects | Debossing | Glued photos | Ribbon bookmarks |
Mix-and-match covers
Is there a way to create a link between the cover and the end papers?
Add an anecdote | Add a thought or a saying to the group picture | Mosaic


Take a look at the 2022 portfolio

We offer Graphic Design Services

We can offer you the services of a professional graphic designer for your cover | Customized page backgrounds to coordinate with the cover design | Recommendations on the colour palette and fonts for the inside pages | Five base templates that coordinate with the cover to insert your copy and photos | Starting at $295

Famous Options

Your resource kit contains samples of eight different colours of foil. Choose one or combine several.
Burned effect
See the backs of the samples to find out which leathers can be used with this effect.



We highly recommend using deluxe leather with this option.
Individual photo glued
Includes debossing.
Ribbon bookmark
Low cost, high impact.



Mix-and-match covers

For best results, avoid combining two deluxe leather options.









Our Popular Cover Choices

Our customized covers open the door to a world of creative colours and visual effects. The cover is printed specifically for your school with a design you've created. The background can be a photo collage, a texture or a mix-and-match of both. You may even wish to add stamping. It's 100% your choice!



With a customized cover, you can add everyone’s name on the back at no extra cost.

The names will be printed in the colour of your choice (no stamping, debossing, or burnt effect).

Send Your Cover Information

Items to be stamped, burned, debossed, or cut out

These should be in BLACK without shades of grey on a white sheet of paper or in a digital file.

Cover sketch

This file will show us where to put your items and texts to add.


Customized cover visuals

You can use any visual medium, including Photoshop or Illustrator. For digital files, please see the technical specifications before you start creating your cover.

Information and files for your cover

Please use the Design and editing tab in Boogie to send us the files for your cover:

  • Sketch showing the position of each element (please print out the PDF below)
  • Final drawings
  • List of names for the back

The committee supervisor will need to fill out the Cover section (Design & Assembly tab) in Boogie and check “This section is ready.” You’ll receive a message within a week notifying you that a new proof is available.

If the committee chooses options that aren’t included in the contract, the fields for entering the information won’t be available. You’ll have to request a new contract and approve the new price before we prepare your cover. That way, you won’t be surprised when you get the final bill.

Personalization list

If you’ve decided to add student names to the cover, you’ll need to enter the list of names under the Design & Editing tab in Boogie. We suggest creating the list in Excel or Word and then cutting and pasting it into Boogie.

Important: The order in which students’ first names and last names will be printed in the yearbook will be determined based on the list we receive.

PDF to Print 

 Cover sketch